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A wide choice for your silicone mold or cookie cutter adapted to your desires and needs to make cookies and cakes

Why buy pastry supplies from The French Pastry™?

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The biggest choice of pastry supplies

Pastry utensils are our specialty and you will almost have enough to open a cake store with everything you need to make desserts for the whole family and even your neighbors! If you're looking for cheap pastry supplies, you're sure to find the right cake utensil for your needs, or the pastry mat that will allow you to knead the dough without the tedious task of cleaning the work surface. Our silicone mats are available in many sizes to satisfy the most demanding cooks. It is also possible to find macaroon mats that are more specific and adapted to the fans of small cookies with ganache that can be found at Jaime-Patisser like any self-respecting pastry store! To make macaroons, there are several techniques, but the one that the best pastry chefs will advise you is to use a silicone piping bag (reusable and therefore ecological), a pastry accessory that will also be useful if you are into cake design and everything related to cake decoration. In this case, the stainless steel piping bag, which comes in hundreds of models, will be the perfect pastry nozzle for wedding or birthday cakes, or simply to decorate your little cupcakes. Unlike the stainless steel baking sheet, the Sy-Lico mat for example, the exclusive brand of our pastry website, is designed so that the preparations do not stick to the table. The food grade silicone is non-stick and is very easy to clean even when making a large quantity of bread or cookies. If using a knife on it is forbidden to avoid damaging the fiberglass body, using a cookie cutter to shape shortbread or Christmas cookies is possible and child's play. This type of cookie cutter is also offered on the shelves of our online pastry store with quality models and all shapes. Made of stainless steel, the cookie cutter does not rust and can be reused for years without any problems if you like to make pretzels or gingerbread men (or even a Santa Claus for those who still believe in it!). Children will also have a lot of fun at the corner of the oven with their children's baking kit which allows them to dress up like adults with a chef's hat, an apron, and even the baking tools like the little wooden roller to roll out the dough and make pizzas. Parents, on the other hand, will be much better off than the little ones when it comes to rolling pins. The stainless steel rolling pin with its adjustable discs is for example one of our most popular products and for good reason. This professional pastry equipment allows you to make just about anything in terms of dessert or pastries since you can adjust the height of the dough, and therefore its thickness. Durable and sturdy, it is the perfect complement to the engraved rolling pin, which faithfully reproduces all kinds of holiday designs such as a Christmas tree or garlands.

Professional pastry equipment for home use

Carefully selected by our team of experts and from our suppliers, the kitchen utensils and baking equipment offered are suitable for all uses. The professional cake pan is one of the most popular accessories on the store. Whether it is a steel or silicone cake mold, the result is amazingly realistic when you finally decide to apply the recipe for cherry clafoutis or praluline and proceed with the baking. Resistant to oven temperatures, the professional cake mold is perfect for mini cakes or to make large black forests, strawberry trees, or even a Christmas log without risking a failed unmolding in front of your guests. But baking utensils are not limited to these containers as you can also dress up like a pastry chef with our range of aprons, and also effectively protect yourself from burns when you take your pizza or pie out of the oven. In addition to bakery equipment, Jaime-Patisser also offers potholders and a range of heat resistant oven gloves. The silicone or cotton glove can also be used to bake your pancakes and barbecue, as our models are specially designed for all types of use, from small, inexpensive pastries to professional baking techniques.

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The right pastry tool

If the kitchen accessories are necessary for cooking, a good dessert could not be made without all the supplies used to mix and blend the ingredients beforehand. The final result on the dining table depends on the balance and the respect of the recipe. In a real baker's store, we offer measuring accessories such as professional kitchen scales or measuring glasses, which are essential for accurately weighing the food before mixing it in a suitable container in which the dough will not stick. The chicken dish is a classic, and the wooden spatula or the silicon stirring rod will be used to stir the mixture if you do not have a food processor.